About our Yuzen Leather

What's Yuzen Leather?

Yuzen is Japanese traditional technique of dying fabric.

We applied Yuzen technique to leather sheets, and have developed it for years.


― unique rough surface ―


The most unique character of our leather is 

roughness of the surface.


We apply each colors on a sheet depending

a pattern we use.   

Degree of shrinkage differs depending on

a design and each leather sheet's properties.


This roughness creates various appearance

and soft touch.

― creativity and practicality ―

With our technique, it is possible to express  design you want, which is generally difficult in leather sheet.  

- traditional, modern, vivid or abstract -

Yuzen technique enables you leather sheet to be designed in various styles with many colors


What's more, our leather is washable.

We usually use pig skin, which is very light to to carry and soft to touch. 


Those points make it possible to expand

Yuzen leather to be used not only for a bag

and a purse but also interior, fashion or art etc. 



riversible leather


we can dye different patterns

on each side




drawing, original logo


you can draw directly on a leather sheet with dye ink color


Yuzen Leather processes

We start from mixing dye ink colors, then apply it on a leather sheet. The combination of dye ink is the very important part as it's the key to give a certain shrinkage to leather.


Basically we use a printing plate of each pattern. Those with many colors or fine design are dyed by hand.

Steaming process.


We steam up leather in a steamer, after then wash, dry it.

After these process, colors does not come off.




After all process are done, leather shrinks compared to a plane leather sheet.



These are our standard model designs.

Each gives different impression depending on colors and degree of shrinkage

even the same pattern is used. 


 < Flowers > 

 < Zebra > 

 < Paisley > 

 < Animal   > 

 < Checkers > 

 < Geometrical pattern > 

We welcome offers of purchasing or dying leather sheets


At our store, we sell a full size-leather sheet and but also small size-leather sheet. 




We  also welcome an offer of dying in your original design. We accept small-lot order. 

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