YuzenLeather Craft shop JIBUNYA

  Only one leather product made from only one leather sheet in the world-


Our unique leather was found from a failure by coincidence. 

In Ikuno, Osaka, we have developed its technique for year in the pursuit of

its varieties of patterns and colors.


In July 2016, we started "JIBUNYA" -Yuzen leather craft shop

We make original leather products with hand made-creators. 

"JIBUNYA" is also established as a showroom where you can touch,feel

and take a look of our Yuzen leather itself.


About Yuzen leather

We introduce Takeguchi's Yuzen Leather, which is originally developed as the traditional technique to die clothes.


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We show fashion items such as bags to interior products. Some are available at our showroom in Osaka.


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Our showroom locates in Ikuno, the south part of Osaka City.